There is a trend these days to provide a business with everything they could ever possibly use, and then throw in a couple of extra things.  It is really quite easy to build more possible tools into a website than a business needs, or than they can utilize.  That is what brought about the Microsite Engagement idea.

We have found that many small business have been told - "you HAVE to be on Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook / The Web / (fill in your favorite must have here)".  That might be true, although the barber shop down the street seems to do fine with just a pole and a window.  Because, really, as much as we support and advocate for Social Media and web presence as a whole, it is, well, maybe not for everyone. 

The real need these days is the same thing that it was back in the pre-internet world - interaction.  People - real people, not clicks on a computer - need to know where you are, what you do, and what it costs.  Is it true that you can reach a lot of people on the Internet and through Social Media?  Well, of course, that is the idea, if well done.  The other question is - are you ready for more?  Can you handle more?  That is, if you make (and sell) enough whatevers that you are comfortable, and you are doing it with a manual ledger and a sign, do you really need the floodgates opened so that demand outstrips your capacity?

Of course, the dream of any small business owner is to be at least a little busier than is just comfortable - after all, customer tastes change, people move, and you don't necessarily want to seem out of the loop.  But, there has to be a balance between what is possible and what is done.

Our engagement team will sit down with you and really listen to your needs.  We can explain the possibilities, and give you insight as to how much involvement is required by each option.  We can set up your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google accounts to fit your needs.  We can build a website that will serve as an anchor to your social media tools.  We provide in-house graphics design, training and support.  And we can do this at a much lower price than someone who is developing the more complex sites that some businesses need.

Send us an email, and find if our services are a valid fit for your needs.

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